"Uniquely Experienced and Committed to Maritime Security through Implementation of the ISPS Code"

Port Facility Security Officer Course (PFSO, IMO Model Course 3.21)

The ISPS Code Part A paragraph 2.1.8 defines a Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO) as the person designated as responsible for the development, implementation, revision and maintenance of a port facility security plan and for liaison with the Ship Security Officers (SSO) and Company Security Officers (CSO).

The ISPS Code requires that the PFSO shall have received training as in Part B Paragraph 18.1 in order to perform the duties and responsibilities as in ISPS Code Part A paragraph 17.2.

We present the PFSO training course in 3 days as prescribed in IMO Model Course 3.21.

For more information email us at info@kingcolemaritime.com

Training Course Notes
We can adapt course dates to meet your needs. 

You must be able to receive instruction and communicate adequately in English. 

Course applications close 1 week before the start of a course. We will inform you by e-mail on the day after applications close that we have sufficient applications to present the course. We may consider late applications at our discretion. 

Course fees are from R1500 per student per day. 

You qualify for a group discount if you have 3 or more students attending the same course. 

For more information email us at info@kingcolemaritime.com