"Uniquely Experienced and Committed to Maritime Security through Implementation of the ISPS Code"

In accordance with the ISPS Code, the ILO and IMO Code of Practice for Security in Ports and the South African Port Rules dated 2009 in terms of the National Ports Act No. 12 of 2005, we provide security assessments and security plans for ships, ports, port facilities and port service providers.    

The ISPS Code Part A paragraphs 8 and 15 determine that Ship Security Assessments and Port Facility Security Assessments are essential and integral processes in developing and updating Ship and Port Facility Security Plans respectively.   

Company Security Officers (ISPS Code Part A, paragraph 8.2) and Contracting Governments within whose territory a port facility is located (ISPS Code Part A, paragraph 15.2) are responsible to ensure that Security Assessments are conducted for the ships and port facilities under their control respectively. 

Security Assessments for ports and port service providers are to be conducted as required by the ILO and IMO Code of Practice for Security in Ports, Appendix A.  

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